Mark Murphy
Senior Software
Engineering Manager

As a Senior Software Engineering Manager, one-third of my time is devoted to managing development teams in building, testing, and deploying custom web and mobile applications. I work with stakeholders to turn ideas into reality through project planning, resource management, cross-functional collaboration, and execution.

My remaining time is dedicated to operating as a Senior Engineer where I lead development, provide mentorship, review code, and architect solutions. I am comfortable working across the stack building robust APIs in C# and .NET Core or optimizing stored procedures in SQL Server, but my true passion lies in frontend development. I believe UX, performance, and caring about the little details are key to crafting delightful software experiences. My primary expertise includes but is not limited to React.js/React Native, TypeScript/JavaScript, HTML, CSS/SCSS/Tailwind, C#/.NET Core, SQL Server, and Azure.

As a former Big-Ten athlete, my strong work ethic, desire to get better every day, and positive attitude drive my detail-oriented and process-driven leadership style. Over the past eight years at MorelandConnect and General Motors, I have successfully managed, developed, and delivered over 35 successful projects for more than 20 satisfied clients.

Senior Software Engineering Manager at MorelandConnect

  • Built an extensible custom web application for property management company ($50M revenue) to house custom internal applications including a waterfall payments module that generates bank transactions to comply with Canadian regulatory law. (React.js, Typescript, Next.js, Tailwind, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core, Azure, Okta)
  • Created a modern salt procurement management system solution for the department of transportation for a large state (11.8M population) to facilitate the purchasing, contracts, and deficiency tracking of all 88 counties. (React.js, Typescript, Next.js, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core, Azure)
  • Contracted for a 2-week sprint to overhaul the user interface and experience of a web and mobile application for a roofing and insulating company prior to a demo to prospective investors. The company is now in the process of being acquired. (React.js, Typescript, Next.js, React Native, Expo, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core, Azure)
  • Replaced a legacy windows application and web application with a modern solution for an airplane parts provider ($20M revenue) to manage the bidding, auditing, and purchasing of new inventory. (React.js, Typescript, Next.js, Tailwind, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core)
  • Leader of monthly technical steering committee meetings as we experiment with new technologies and decide which ones to adopt into our development stack.

Software Engineering Manager at MorelandConnect

  • Produced a multi-tenancy SaaS application for large county (200,000 population) in Ohio to manage highly sensitive information for coroner cases. Since go-live in January of 2023, it has processed over 1,200+ coroner cases. (React.js, Typescript, Next.js, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core, Azure)
  • Increased revenue by 50% by completely rewriting an existing web application and underlying architecture for an online course provider. Developed a custom API to allow the new frontend to power an administrative dashboard and integrate with 3rd party services. (BigCommerce, Inquisiq LMS, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core, Azure)
  • Built a SSO solution for a large healthcare provider ($900M revenue) to facilitate management and access to a wide variety of applications across their business portfolio. (Identity Server, OAuth, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core, Razor, Azure)
  • Designed and developed custom web and mobile applications for a transportation startup to facilitate the dispatching and tracking of taxi companies and train crews. (React.js, Typescript, Next.js, React Native, Expo, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core, Azure)
  • Standardized an API application boilerplate to re-use and jump start current and future API projects (C#, .NET Core, Swagger, Postman, Node, Plop)
  • Standardized a web application boilerplate to re-use and jump start current and future web applications (React.js, Typescript, Next.js, Next Auth, SWR, Tailwind, Storybook, Plop)

Senior Software Engineer at MorelandConnect

  • Led frontend implementation of custom features, enhancements, bugfixes, and performance improvements for a custom de-manufacturing ERP solution to handle the triage, repair, scrapping, and sale of inbound and outbound items for a large electronics recycler ($200M revenue). (React.js, Redux, Redux Saga, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core)
  • Lead frontend developer of a modern quality assurance portal that has successfully processed hundreds of thousands of orders for a large insurance solutions provider ($200M revenue). (React.js, SQL Server, C#, .NET Core, Azure)
  • Designed and developed a multi-tenancy SaaS LMS for a seminary and graduate school of theology to manage the formation and field education of the entire student body including student portfolios, assignments, goals, constructive feedback, and more. (SQL Server, C#, .NET, Razor, Azure)

Software Engineer at MorelandConnect

  • Developed and strengthened the analytics, user experience, and content marketing for a nationwide education provider's web application that supports 400+ schools. For example, the implemented mobile UX enhancements increased the conversion rate of a high priority KPI by 35%. (Python, Django, Docker, AWS)
  • Led frontend development on a web application for tire manufacturers that provides the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with compliant tire registration and recall services. (SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, Razor, Azure)
  • Led the migration and rebuild of the hosting architecture for an online course provider. The migration resulted in an increase in year-over-year revenue of 30%. (WordPress, PHP, MySQL, WooCommerce, PayPal, Azure)
  • Replaced a legacy event management web application for a music festival with a modern solution that assigns, contacts, and manages thousands of volunteers while maintaining a historical CRM and processing thousands of raffle tickets each year. (C#, .NET, SQL Server)
  • Implemented custom enhancements, bug fixes, and IT support for a local pension fund manager’s custom application. (AngularJS, SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, Azure)
  • Designed and delivered a special edition commemorative website celebrating the 150th anniversary of a well-known public library. (WordPress, PHP, Azure)

Associate Software Engineer at General Motors

  • Created a custom timekeeping service add-on in C++ to handle the transfer of timecard information from an Oracle database to the front-end of Kronos. (C++, Kronos, Oracle)
  • Developed Kronos Workforce Integration Manager interfaces manipulating, importing, and exporting information from manufacturing plants in the United States and Brazil. (Kronos)